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Welcome to Apex Taekwondo. Under the leadership of Master Portal, we’ve been delivering premier training services to Houston, Texas since 2005. Apex Taekwondo welcomes students of all ages and martial arts backgrounds; all are encouraged to join—from beginners to experts and children to adults. The team at Apex Taekwondo is wholly dedicated to providing you with the best self-defense and physical fitness training in Houston, as well as to demonstrating how Taekwondo can make you a healthier and more complete individual.

Apex Taekwondo was conceived of and established by Master Mark Giambi of Young Brothers Taekwondo, which also has centers operating in the Houston area. Master Portal partnered with Master Giambi—his longtime instructor—to help turn Apex Taekwondo into a reality. Master Portal remains at the heart of Apex Taekwondo’s operations, fulfilling his great drive to work directly with students to help them experience the many benefits of Taekwondo training.

Training/ Promotion

1993 Promoted to 1st Dan
1998 Promoted to 2nd Dan
2002 Promoted to 3rd Dan
2004 Promoted to 4th Dan
2010 Promoted to 5th Dan
Five Time State Champion
Four Time National Champion
Current Sports Director for the Gulf District with the AAU