Elyssa Horvath’s Testimonial

“Taekwondo at Apex has given my son confidence and pride in mastering new skills. He improves his techniques each week, and feels a sense of accomplishment when he advances to the next belt level. I highly recommend Apex for anyone looking for a fitness activity in the neighborhood.”

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Ali Septimus’ Testimonial

“I began my practice of taekwondo to learn about self-defense and improve my coordination while getting a great work-out. After many years of experience through my 20’s and now my 40’s, I am fit, disciplined and self confident. Even after more than 10 years of practice, there is always a new challenge; new skills to learn, opportunities to teach others and ambition to work harder.”


– Ali Septimus

Herman Lam’s Testimonial

“Apex Taekwando is all about energy, discipline and technique. At its core, it can be simplified as a cardio class that focuses on kicks. Before long, you will see a marked development in skill/ability, and more importantly, the hastened maturity of the student. Their training style not only teaches them the art of taekwando, it installs a sense of responsibility in each student. Our self-described “little brat” is now a mature and self-aware young child!”