Grand Master Mark Giambi

Grand-master Mark Giambi began his Taekwondo training at the age of twelve, with World Champion Grand Master Young Bo Kong as his original and primary teacher. Over the years, Grand-master Giambi also met and learned from some of the most prominent and highly respected Korean masters in North America. Grand-master Giambi was associated with Taekwondo pioneers like Young Il Kong, Park Bu Kwang, and their master, General Choi Hong Hi, the acknowledged founder of modern Taekwondo.


Master Harold Willis

Master Harold Willis started Taekwondo in 1988, receiving his 1st-degree black belt 3 years later in 1991. He has since been an instructor of Taekwondo, and he earned his 4th degree in 2004. During his 27 years of teaching, Master Willis has brought a lot of intelligence and experience to the do-jang.

Master Stacy Wright

Master Stacey Wright began training in Taekwondo with Apex in 2006, and in 2008 she received her 1st-degree black belt and began teaching. She earned her 4th-degree black belt in 2014. In her 10 years of instructing, Master Wright has shown a lot of knowledge in the classroom.

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